Want better print quality? Just add water

From the moment that a roll of paper enters your shop, it is at the mercy of moisture and heat. Just sitting in a warehouse waiting to be used, the failure to..

Measuring relative humidity of printed paper

The beauty of paper - and how to control its hygroscopic properties

As an industrial printer you cannot avoid drying your printed material. That this mandatory step in your printing process also damages the paper is accepted by the..

Getting the printed product – faster!

Why are short-run inline digital finishing configurations increasing in popularity? Rob Bosman, Senior Sales Manager at Contiweb explores why web inkjet printers..

Four problems after drying in digital web inkjet

In an earlier blog, Rob Bosman explained why remoistening is important in web inkjet printing. Here, we take a closer look at the problems that might occur if this..

Why is remoistening important in Digital Web Inkjet Printing? - Contiweb blog

Why is remoistening important in Digital Web Inkjet Printing?

Quality matters Whether your customers are big brands or increasingly discerning consumers, you’ll know there are no excuses for a drop in quality because a product..

Eluding the rising cost of silicone

These days, the word ‘silicone’ frequently comes with a sign of exasperation as thoughts turn to how hard the bottom line is going to be as prices for the material..